Spot Cleaning Gun, Screen Printing Spot Gun Station
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Autore: Ryonet
Data pubblicazione: 01/10/2010
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Visto: 9674 volte without a stand and with a stand A spot cleaning station is an often overlooked item when setting up a screen printing shop but it shouldn't be! The TT-250 is a lightweight portable tabletop design requiring minimal space. A large screen and angled arm allows cleaning of all types of apparel. It has two power outlets ( 115v ), which can be utilized for a spot cleaning gun and other accessories. The TT-250 is constructed with high grade stainless steel mounted to a solid base. This is a perfect spot exhaust system for screen printers, embroiderers, contractors, and retailers. This unit is also available with legs, a spot cleaning gun holder, a spot gun and fluid sold as a complete package. Spot Cleaning Digester System and Kit Product Overvieww * Stainless Steel Construction * High CFM Blower * 4 Side Vent * Durable / Long Lasting * Minimal Space Requirement

Could this cleaning ...
Could this cleaning gun be used to washout screens as well?
Logan Pope03/02/2014
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